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Do you want to take advantage of the paid TubeBuddy features that are not available on the basic plan? Well, you have come to the right place as we have an exclusive link that you can use to claim a 30-day TubeBuddy Free Trial:

In the rest of this TubeBuddy article, we will explain how the TubeBuddy Free Trial works and anything else that you need to know related to this.

Does TubeBuddy have a Free Trial?

Yes, TubeBuddy has a free trial offer that you can take advantage of to try out its premium features free.

They generally offer a 7-day free trial offer, but with our exclusive cooperation with TubeBuddy you can get a 30-day TubeBuddy

Once you clicked on the link, just sign up for a premium plan and your 30-day trial period will begin.

TubeBuddy 30-day Free Trial on Legend Plan

We recommend the Legend plan as this is their most advanced plan that will allow you to try out all of their Premium features, like AB testing thumbnail.

During this 30-day period, you will have enough time to test all of their premium features and see for yourself if TubeBuddy is worth paying for or not.

What premium features you will get access with the TubeBuddy Free Trial?

Here is the list of premium features you will get access to if you get the TubeBuddy Free Trial:

  • Best Practice Audit
  • SEO Studio
  • Search Positions
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Bulk Copy Cards
  • Bulk Copy End Screen
  • Bulk Delete Cards
  • Bulk Delete End Screen
  • Bulk Find, Replace & Append
  • Bulk Thumbnail Overlays
  • Bulk Update Cards
  • Bulk Update End Screens
  • Demonetization Double-Check
  • Auto Translator
  • Search Rank Tracking
  • Tag Translator
  • Video A/B Tests
  • Channel Access
  • Click Magnet
  • Competitor Scorecard
  • Competitor Upload Alerts
  • Export Comments
  • Retention Analyzer

What happens when the TubeBuddy Free Trial ends?

If you take advantage of our exclusive 30-day trial link, you will get 30-day full access to all TubeBuddy premium features.

Once this 30-day free trial period is over, you will be charged a monthly or annual fee of the TubeBuddy subscription plan you have chosen when you signed up for the TubeBuddy trial.

You can learn more about TubeBuddy subscription costs here:

If you don’t find TubeBuddy valuable and worth the subscription fee, you can cancel your TubeBuddy subscription.

Check out this article for more details on how to do that:

FAQ – TubeBuddy Premium Plans Free Trial

How long is the TubeBuddy Free Trial?

The default for the TubeBuddy Free trial is 7 days. However, as we have mentioned in the article, if you use our link, you can get a 30-day free trial of TubeBuddy.

How to get TubeBuddy Pro for free longer?

Keep in mind, that although you can get the TubeBuddy free trial only for 30 days, even if your trial is over, you can still use TubeBuddy for free. On the basic TubeBuddy plan, you still get access to some useful TubeBuddy feature, although some of them are limited.

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