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HOUSIE Game {Answers} » Online Certification Guide – New update 2024

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I track your activity on the website and build up a profile of your browsing history to give you a good user experience. I cannot infect your computer but can pose a thread to your privacy. Who am I?

If you use a Digital signature, you cannot deny having done a communication. This property is called ____

Source code developed as part of the delivery to the customer is the IPR of ____

A hacker manages to exploit a vulnerability before software developers can find a fix. This is known as _____ attack

A protocol used to securely access a computer

A type of phishing attack, just that SMS is used as a medium

A security measure to distinguish human from machine input

____ is used to distract attackers to prevent them from attacking actual production systems

Any paper information that is no longer required should be destroyed using a _____

An application from Business Continuity Management System in TCS

I’m a form of advanced biometric authentication

TCS ISO 22301:2019 certification is for ____ system

You are ____ for any activity performed from your login credentials.

Theft of software through illegal copying of genuine/licensed programs causing loss to business

An encryption scheme involving a public key for encryption and a private key for decryption

A type of exercise where team members discuss a simulated emergency situation in an informal manner

A vulnerable protocol used for remote connection

Downloading images from the internet to use in your presentation can lead to ____

I have not kidnapped you but am extorting money not letting you see your data till you pay me. Who am I?

A key role for coordinating business continuity and crisis management-related activities

This is a secured way to transfer files over the network

____ is a type of malicious software that forces your computer to automatically display or download advertisements

TCS’ own enterprises platform to manage associate’s onboarding and access

A type of cyber-attack that involves impersonation

Helps in checking data integrity

A person gains logical or physical access without permission

The best control to avoid social engineering attacks is ____

TCS’ own crisis communication tool for reaching out to a large number of associated via SMS, UxApp, Email etc

I’m a software designed to infiltrate and damage computer systems

Access must be given based on the principle of ____

Taking backup of data on regular basis ensures ____ of data during crisis

This is the key to enter into your system. It must be complex but you should memorize it and never write or store it in plain text. It is better than a Password

What is a person doing if following you into an access-restricted area without using his / her own access card?

Thank God! I have a ____ so I could easily restore my lost data

I’m a content filtering tool that helps prevent access to malicious/restricted websites

One of the recommended practices to protect web application from external attacks

A device with south and north pole, used for destroying data on hard disk such that the data ceases to exist

An agreement between two parties exchanging information to protect confidentiality of the information – an acronym

This occurs when incoming data volume exceeds the storage capacity of the memory

You would seek its help in the event of a crisis to reach out to your colleagues

____ helps to prevent unauthorized changes to data or information

Doing on online transactions? You must check for ____ at the beginning of the URL

Never reply to ____ mails this only confirms to the sender the validity of the recipient’s email address

A software designed to detect and destroy malware

____ is a cloud based solution from Microsoft that helps to classify and protect files

Interception of communication between two parties by a malicious third party is known as ____

A collection of all vulnerable points by which an attacker can gain entry into the target system

It’s the possibility of something going wrong. In our day to day life too, we evaluate this before taking any decision

An alternate site that is fully equipped and ready to resume operations in case of a disaster

As per IQMS, Quarterly financial results until announced should be classified as ____

Technology that examines network traffic flows to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits

One of the recommended practices to protect web application from external attacks

____ is a simulated cyber attack to check for exploitable vulnerabilities in an application

This is what your system does when you enter user ID and password

I’m a control to prevent confidential information from leaving organization’s boundaries

A very popular Ransomware

I’m a type of malware that can replicate itself to spread and infiltrate other computers

A type of drill whereby team rehearses all of the actions they would perform in the event of a real incident

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