How to Improve Scores on Game Review Sites

How to Improve Scores on Game Review Sites – New update 2024

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How your mobile game is received on game review sites can determine if it’s a hit at launch or if players pass up a chance to play it for something else. While most game review sites won’t change their scores after the initial review, you still have a chance to change public perception of your game over time with player feedback. Thankfully, there is reputation management software available that makes the feedback process easy to monitor and manage so that your team can focus on making changes that satisfy players.

Improving Scores Step 1: Set Up Review Monitoring Software

Your game will launch on either Google Play, the App Store, or both. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to know that both platforms allow for player feedback through reviews, which is where reputation management software comes into play. After a quick setup, you can easily tell the platform to gather all feedback from Google Play and/or App Store and put it in a centralized location for you to view.

Having this type of review management software/app store monitoring on hand can be powerful. Even after a period of testing, it’s important to see how real players react to the gameplay your team created. Is it easy to learn and hard to master? Is the experience too complicated and not worth the time? These are questions that are easily answered thanks to readily available software.

Improving Scores Step 2: Analyze Player Feedback

Once you have a system in place in for monitoring player reviews, you can then gain valuable insights in each piece of feedback. Usually, this would require a team of people tasked with reading a handful of reviews and taking note of which elements of the experience they liked or disliked and then combining those findings together into one large report. However, this is tedious work involving many hours and a chance for human error resulting in incorrect reporting.

With the power of natural language processing and customer experience analytics software, feedback analysis can give you powerful insights. In a matter of minutes the right platform can give you data showing both positive and negative keyword sentiment trends across hundreds or even thousands of reviews. What used to take days or even weeks now takes a fraction of the time, and you can get the data needed to make impactful changes that keep your game relevant among players while also attracting new consumers to it.


There are many development teams that received criticism after the initial launch of their game. However, by listening to dedicated players through their feedback on game review sites and forums, they were able to turn around the negative sentiment and have a lively community that attract new players on a regular basis. With the right software brand monitoring platform at your fingertips, you can get the leg up on the competition by getting these accurate insights faster so that you can nip issues before they become a problem and continue to please players in the long run.

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