The Main Autumn Dates and Tips for Your Affiliates Campaigns ⋆ ActiveRevenue

The Main Autumn Dates and Tips for Your Affiliates Campaigns ⋆ ActiveRevenue – New update 2024

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Autumn is a great time for affiliates with amazing opportunities to make money. We have collected for you the main autumn dates that you should not miss in your affiliate campaigns


Back-to-school season

is in full swing, but you can still get your piece of the pie because in some countries children go to school in late September or early October. Best offers – school supplies, ebooks, school clothes/

Best GEOs – Worldwide

back to school

Emoji Day (19.09)

Content regarding this day can cause your audience and increase loyalty to you.

Best GEOs – Worldwide

First Day of Autumn

The official First Day of Autumn (for the Northern Hemisphere, since the Southern Hemisphere experiences the reverse) is 22.09. It’s not exactly a holiday, but you can use it in your campaigns and creatives. 

Best GEOs – Worldwide

Rosh Hashanah (25.09-27.09)

The Jewish New Year (25.09-27.09). Candlesticks, dishes for honey, kosher gift baskets, shofars, jewelry with pomegranate – you can choose offers for every taste, taking into account the traditions of the target audience.

Best GEOs – Israel

Rosh Hashanah


Chinese National Day (01.10)

It is a celebration of Chinese food, people, and culture so you can promote everything related to Chinese culture. 

Best GEOs – China

Diwali (24.10)

Another important national holiday, for India this time. Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights and it is celebrated wherever Indians live – Singapore, Sri Lanka and even large western cities where there are many Indian emigrants.

Best GEOs –  India, Singapore, Sri Lanka

Halloween (31.10) 

It is celebrated in many countries, but most fans are in the United States. Costumes, makeup, everything scary and mystical – your time has come.

Best GEOs –  Worldwide



Veteran`s day (11.11)

This is a federal holiday in the United States. Good idea is to run offers exclusively for veterans and their families. These may be additional discounts, gifts, or other bonuses. But you must be delicate so as not to cause negativity.

Best GEOs –  USA

International Man`s day (19.11)

It is marked in around 80 countries worldwide. Any goods for men can be profitable, the main thing is the right approach.

Best GEOs – US, Eur

Thanksgiving (24.11)

Streaming devices, holiday dinner supplies, and decor are the most obvious offers. Run a challenge or giveaway, adapt your ongoing campaign to incorporate the holiday, or add festive CTAs – all of these can help increase your profit

Best GEOs –  USA


Black Friday (25.11) and Cyber Monday (28.11)

The finest hour of any marketer. Get ready for these days in advance and plan everything carefully to don’t lose this race to competitors. Be sure to prepare offers for those who like to get Christmas shopping done early (they will be many)

Best GEOs – Worldwide

It is not necessary to launch new campaigns for every holiday. Adapt your creatives to the relevant day, be on the same wavelength as your TA and success be in your pocket.

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